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Prevent Territory Marking on Your Property

Dog Marking Territory“Help! I don’t want to cause problems with the neighbors, but their dogs are destroying my grass and bushes along the curb.”

It is a well known fact that dogs, particularly males, instinctively mark their territory (although females in heat will urinate along their path to signal a readiness to mate). They do this primarily by urinating on vertical objects like trees, bushes, mailboxes, and fire hydrants. Sometimes they will even leave feces deliberately as part of this territorial marking. Hopefully, your neighbors will promptly remove this offense from your yard. Yet you still do not appreciate your yard being the “landing zone,” naturally.

The real offender that your neighbors do not seem to understand or notice is the urine. It cannot be picked up and removed. It is salty and acidic. It is causing browning of your lawn and bushes. It may even be harming the lovely flower arrangement at the base of your mailbox. One solution is to douse the area with water to dilute the nitrogen content of the urine, which will help to prevent the higher concentration in the urine from killing your vegetation. Of course, this would require active vigilance on your part.

America’s Finest has a better solution. Scram for Dogs is an all-natural, organic granular treatment that can be sprinkled right along the edge of your lawn that is better than any “KEEP OFF LAWN” sign. Scram for Dogs uses scents to warn dogs to stay away. It will quickly train them, so that they will completely avoid your property as they go about their daily walk. Now you can have peace of mind about your landscaping, and keep the peace with your neighbors. It’s a win-win solution! Order here now.

If you own a dog and you have this problem with your own dog’s urine in your yard, check out this helpful article on

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